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All You Need to Know on Condom Statistics and Sizes

March 12th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Condoms vary in sizes. The dimensions vary based on the brand of condom and the intended result it is designed to give the user. Condom specifications are given in terms of length, width and thickness in millimeters. The general specifications for most condoms will be in the range of 185mm, 53mm, 0.07mm in length, width and thickness respectively. Durex condoms have the approximate dimensions :

Durex Extra Sensitive 190mm 52mm 0.05mm
Durex Performax 200mm 52mm 0.07mm
Durex Maximum Love 205mm 52mm 0.06mm
Intense Sensation 200mm 52mm 0.06mm

Okamoto Crown condoms have the following dimensions:

Beyond 7 194mm 50mm 0.05mm
Crown 190mm 55mm 0.045mm
Beyond 7 Studded 194mm 50mm 0.05mm
Assorted colors 190mm 55mm 0.045mm

The Kimono brand of condoms have the following dimensions as given hereunder:

Microthin 185mm 50mm 0.045mm
Microthin Large 210mm 53mm 0.05mm

The most popular Polyurethane and Non-Latex Condoms have the following dimensions. You will see that non-latex condoms have not much discernable difference in regards to size or thickness :

Durex Avanti 180mm 60mm 0.04mm
Trojan Supra 200mm 57mm 0.04mm
Trojan Naturalamb 200mm 68mm 0.07mm

There are generally three manufacturing standards for the sizes of condoms – the snugger size, an average size and a larger size. All these vary in width, since length is not the only issue when it comes to condom size. Men with wider sizes sometimes complain that the ring size is too snug and it may pinch thus reducing sensation or even lead to condom rupture. The average girth is under 4 inches – the same size as an average condom. Should your base be smaller in girth, most condoms are likely to slip off. Men who are wider sometimes opt for the female condom which they find comfortable. You would not want to experience panic and fear at the heat of a sexual climax. Therefore, careful consideration should be accorded to the condom size. It should be noted that the prime reason for condom slippage is improper use. Attention should be given to current and consistent use of condoms to the end. However, a study carried out by SSL Americas revealed that 50% of 3,000 respondents surveyed felt that the condoms they used were not fitting properly. The respondents gave their views in terms ‘too tight’, ‘much too tight’ and ‘too loose’ on a 25%, 10% and 15% respectively. The research also revealed that ill-fitting condoms are more likely to break during use.

Erection Rejection : Most men dislike using condoms. They argue that condoms interfere with mood. These problems arise because the men have problems while wearing condoms. The anxiety that the condom may slip off interferes with the ability to maintain a steady rejection. Condoms that are too short increase the risk of exposure to sexually transmitted diseases. When condoms are too tight, chances of slippage are high besides diminishing levels of sensitivity.

Short of measuring customers to ensure condoms are tailored to fit them, manufacturers are faced with difficulties when it comes to condom sizes. A revolutionary new condom in the works is custom-sized to fit. This new line of condoms is features 55 different sizes to provide every man with a condom that fits him properly, and was introduced in the US a few years ago, only to later be rejected due to failure of FDA guidelines. They were available in different girth combinations. It’s hoped that soon, men all over will be able to get a condom that fits them well regardless of their size.

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3 responses so far ↓

  • 1 mymalifexx // Apr 3, 2008 at 2:47 pm


    Best wishes,

  • 2 Steve // Oct 7, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    Interesting! I had the impression that I’m pretty ordinary-sized, and it seems I am in terms of length, but large by thickness. Maybe I should be buying larger-sized condoms. Very useful article!

  • 3 jessy // Nov 10, 2008 at 2:14 pm

    thanks . this realy helped.

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