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Durex, the Most Popular Condom Brand in the World

October 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment

When it comes to condoms, users have a few reliable brands in mind. While there surely are too many condom names and products out in stores, there are only a few brands that really create a favorable impression. Among these rubber latex names is Durex. It is estimated that there are about a billion condoms manufactured and sold by Durex in each year. Durex condoms are made and distributed globally through about 17 facilities strategically scattered across the globe.

The name Durex is synonymous to flexibility and reliability. Many users think the name is a shortened and catchier term for ‘durable latex’. In truth, the name is a word culled from the first letters of words from a phrase, from the words ‘durability, reliability & excellence’. The brand of condoms is currently manufactured by a United Kingdom firm called SSL International. Durex was started by London Rubber Company that was trademarked in 1929.

To date, it is estimated that Durex condoms account for about a quarter of the latex products sold globally. In the United Kingdom alone, its home market, the brand of condoms is undeniably the biggest and most popular condom brand. The brand has always been expanding. To this day, there are several other names that are identified and made under the Durex line. Among these are the Play brands, the Avanti, the Performa and the Colors & Scents. Extra Sensitive and Rainbow Colors are also actively sold in the market.

When it comes to product innovations, Durex condoms would also not be left behind. The creativity and innovativeness of the company is what has made Durex a truly distinct and leading brand of condoms worldwide. The Durex Performa condoms are especially made to help men suffering from premature ejaculation. These condoms contain a very mild type of anesthesia called benzocaine that serves also as a form of desensitizing lubricant. The same formulas are used in the brand’s Play lines of condoms.

For added enjoyment during intercourse, there are also specific Durex condoms that are made to help partners enjoy more pleasurable intercourse. There are studded and ribbed condoms such as Durex High Sensation and Intense Sensation that are made to give texture so the partner would feel more sensation during sex. For those who want a natural feeling, there are Maximum Love condoms and Extra Sensitive.

The latest innovation from Durex are condoms that are aimed at helping men attain afirmer erection. Such condoms also claim to help increase size during sex. Durex said such condoms contain special types of gels at the tip if the insides so that arteries around the male genitalia would be dilated, eventually leading to higher blood flow, which in turn would result to bigger size.

There were times when buying condoms was an uncomfortable act in stores and groceries. In this modern era, that is not applicable anymore. As mature and wiser individuals, people now are more open and are more appreciating about the value and usefulness of condoms in the society. Thanks to Durex for being there through the years. 

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  • 1 M Lust // Oct 30, 2007 at 9:48 pm

    Durex runs smaller than trojans…

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